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A Glimpse of Taiwan

方婷 Ventis

My name is Ventis, and I have travelled all the way from one of the South Pacific nations known as the Solomon Islands to do the Masters program in Research based clinical medicine offered here at Kaohsiung Medical University. This is the first time I have travelled beyond the equator into the Northern hemisphere thus this is not only the first time in Taiwan but also the first time to be out of the south pacific. Here I will share with you a bit of Taiwan as I’ve experienced it over my short stay so far.

Let’s begin with the first step onto Taiwan soil over 2 months ago. Exiting out of Taipei International Airport I was greeted full on with Taiwan’s midday summer sun and heat which is similar to that of the tropics of the Solomon Islands, yet unexpected given the constantly cooled traveling environment I was exposed to over the 2 previous days. However, at this time of the year all my countrymen are freezing up in Taipei so I count myself fortunate to be here in Southern Taiwan as the weather here is somewhat warmer yet cooler than the all year round of summer that I am used. Thus to date, I find this autumn season ideal.

One other thing I have noticed in Taiwan is the ease and efficiency of travelling by public transportation. Back where I come from, travelling according to time is of no great importance given the laid back attitude of the islands. Furthermore, most travel comforts are non-existent thus travelling conditions are comparatively less luxurious. Boarding the high speed train from Taipei to Kaohsiung was one exciting travel experience for just 3 days prior to this I was back in the tropics sitting in a crowded bus with the close to stagnant tropical breeze for cooling and now there I was in a train chilled from the air-conditioning with the scenery flashing past the window at nauseating speed. Another mode of transport which I have never seen in such overwhelming numbers is the motorbike. Not only can the bike travel on the road but also on the foot paths and anywhere bike friendly making it one very adventurous means of transport.

An aspect of Taiwan to never miss is the extraordinary food. Food of all sorts is abundant here, some of which I never knew existed and some of which I may never know or give a name to. The flavors and palatability vary immensely among different food preparations that eating is a fascinating event of the day. And to top it up, it doesn’t cost much to have my fill of food. This is evidently a special kind of treat from my typical home prepared Solomon meal.

What makes Taiwan unique most of all are the nice people. Here I find a great deal of politeness shown and although many seem shy there is always someone ready to help. People are friendly and sometimes curious but nonetheless good natured. So despite the language barrier, alternative communication is made somewhat easier by the friendliness of Taiwan people. Furthermore, because of the nonthreatening feel of the atmosphere, exploring this country seems freer and exceptionally pleasant.

Overall I find living in Taiwan very different to what I am accustomed to in my home country and though I may miss the Solomon Islands, Taiwan in its own way is proving to have made my decision to come and study here a worthwhile choice. There is still much to experience here in Taiwan and despite the fact that I might never get to see it all, I am content to have come and seen a part of it.