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高雄醫學大學e快報 第146期  分享園地

本校98學年度國合會外籍生獎學金計畫共招收3位外籍學生,1位來自甘比亞、1位來自瓜地馬拉、1位來自海地,另外1位來自索羅門群島的外籍學生是本校助學金受獎生,4位學生皆就讀醫研所臨床組碩士班。他們將陸續在e快報發表文章,自我介紹或是抒發生活上的感想,期待本校師生能更了解這些遠道而來的外國朋友。此期由來自海地的Stan (高思達)分享他來台後的生活點滴。

A Great Experience

Stanislas Galbaud(高思達)

Taiwan. Before I landed in this country, I spent hours and hours surfing the internet seeking for information regarding its people, its custom, their lifestyle. As days passed and got closer to my departure to this hemisphere yet unfamiliar, of course, anyone in my family could feel my anxiety and at the same time the spirit of adventure that drove my will to be in Asia. Finally, all I can say is Taiwan has caught my attention to the fullest. My first impression I already had it at the airport. The place has glowed through my eyes and I wonder whether there was a five star hotel that attended to the airport.

I am not going to relate all I did here, since I have been walking the streets of Kaohsiung city for three months but express my feelings about the people and their lifestyle in this city which I will quickly qualify as welcoming and hospitable.

I will share a wonderful experience. Obviously, you all know that I cannot read and write Mandarin: before having Mandarin classes, it appeared to me as ‘”drawings”. One day, by the Family Mart store in KMU, I received a text message (SMS) on my cell phone but it was all Mandarin. It bothered me a lot because I wanted to decipher its content, whether it was a winning prize or anything. I took my chance to ask a student in the store. The first words usually come out my mouth is zhong wen yi dian dian. At this time he smiled and answered: a little. I was happy. I then asked him to help me with the message I received. He tried to explain but couldn’t spell out the meaning. He was with friends and all came to help him, unfortunately, they could not. I thought it was too much for me to monopolize their time so I asked them to give up. One of them has made a phone call, because another boy came from nowhere and just walked toward us. He spoke to me on purpose and told me if I needed help. “Why not?” He looked at my message and solved now their riddle. Of course I thanked him and they left. I couldn’t believe it. Deep inside I say to myself that they are very gentle and helpful. They sure have the spirit of unity to help one another. Sometimes I wonder if they behave like this only with foreigners but time has proven that they are patriotic and helpful to their fellow men and one can see they are glad by doing so.

Taiwan. I had to travel to realize that the internet sites give a little information about this wonderful place. The comparison is frankly inestimable. I have been here for three months and I am already adapted to the place and their lifestyle but I have to admit that the traditions will take me some more time to assimilate. There is no need to mention their culinary art which I find quite prominent.