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高雄醫學大學e快報 第132期  分享園地

本校97學年度以醫研所開設的臨床醫學碩士學程加入國合會國際高等人力培訓外籍生獎學金計畫,本年度共招收4位外籍學生,3位來自西非的甘比亞,1位來自中南美洲的聖露西亞。4位學生將陸續在e快報發表文章,自我介紹或是抒發生活上的感想,也邀請他們的好朋友或學伴寫下與他們的相處之道,期待本校師生能更了解這些遠道而來外國朋友。128期已由來自甘比亞的Kebba(葛安)分享他回顧2008年的感觸,130期由來自中南美洲的聖露西亞Alisha D. Eugene分享她自己的心情故事,此期由來自甘比亞的Sheikh(畢學)自我介紹,並分享他來台灣後的生活點滴。

Taiwan Experience and Myself

Sheikh 畢學

My name is Sheikh Omar Bittaye, 36 years old, and from The Gambia. Gambia is in the western part of Africa, surrounded by Senegal and has a population of about 1.7 million. I like making friends and interacting with people, going on adventures, jogging, riding bicycle and listening to music.

I finished high school in 1991 and joined the Medical Research Council as a trainee Laboratory Technician. During this period, I worked in different laboratories (microbiology, biochemistry and hematology), but more specifically in microbiology. This enabled me to learn and develop basic laboratory skills. I also had the opportunity of traveling to Ghana to do a laboratory programme in microbiology, sponsored by the World Health Organization.

In 1999, the Medical School of Gambia opened. Fortunately, I was one of the lucky few to be amongst the first batch of trained homegrown doctors. I studied medicine for a period of 7 years and graduated in 2006.I was then employed for a period of two years by the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital (the main referral hospital in Gambia) as a House officer. Just at the point of starting my residency programme, I was offered a scholarship to study Clinical Medicine in Taiwan.

I came to Taiwan 8 months ago (September 2008). During this period, I have visited a lot of places and had the opportunity of knowing more about Taiwanese people and culture. In Taipei, I have been to Yangminshan, Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial hall, Taipei 101, Beitou hot springs, Shilin night market, and Danshui and Bali Townships. I also visited the temples and port of Tainan. In Kaohsiung, I have been to Cheng Ching Lake, Lotus Lake, Cijin Island and several night markets. Just this past week, I had the opportunity of visiting NAMASA previously known as SANMIN, near Holy Mountain Zion to see the aborigines and fireflies. I really had a good time with them and hope to visit again.

Even though I have had my ups and downs, I believe I had a good time overall. Taiwan is a closed society, but its people are really nice. I made a lot of friends, especially amongst our school buddies, students, my classmates, clerks, interns, doctors and professors in both the hospital and school.

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! Taiwanese food! This I believe is what I like most about Taiwan. Trust me (!); initially, I was not eating because I was not used to the food. As I continue trying, I realized that the food was really nice and indeed diverse. Now, I try almost all types of Taiwanese food.

Academically, I have learnt a lot, especially concerning current research methodologies and biotechnology. This has definitely given me the opportunity to widen my research knowledge which will definitely complement my clinical knowledge to help shape Gambia with regards to science and technology.

There is no place like home but indeed, I had a wonderful stay in Taiwan. I wish to thank everybody, and hope to enjoy more and get to know more people.

後醫系二年級 陳筱嵐

97年10月8日,透過國際事務中心的牽線,在晚間萊可仕的Happy Hours活動中,我第一次認識了來自甘比亞的學伴—Sheikh,我們互相自介,交流兩國文化差異,留下聯絡方式。

Sheikh是個細心又周到的人,Happy Hours隔天我就收到他問候的email,回覆mail時,我立即約定空閒時間搭捷運逛夜市,我們互相召集各自好友,很快促成第一次瑞豐夜市之行。