Enews142 Destination Kaohsiung, Formosa

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Destination Kaohsiung, Formosa


雷凡卓 Ivan

“And suddenly there was “Formosa”, right in front of me, lights, buildings and people… so many things…”

So… what you do? Because suddenly and in a few hours, you will be leaving the country where you live and be leaving it for 2 years. Well easy, you wake up, or better said you sit up from your bed (because it was impossible to sleep the day before anyway), grab your luggages, barely eat something (or nothing) and rush to the airport, getting there with just enough time to say “bye mom, bye dad… Don’t you cry, remember: with the face toward the sun and the forehead facing upward” as the last words you say before you leave.

I’m not writing about the place where I come from, that you can google; it is better to tell you how I felt from the moment I left Guatemala to the very moment that I’m writing this. The flight was very impressive, though it was too long and very uncomfortable. The food was ok and the planes’ seats, as always, were too small for my size. I had to transit through USA and there is nothing to say about the short time I spent there because I didn’t like it (any other information about that country you can google it as well).

Ok… So, finally, and after 20 hours of flight or so without sleeping, I have it, right in front of me shining like a crystal, there it is and just for me, the incredible “Formosa”, the beautiful and mystic Formosa, the enigmatic and unique Formosa, with its 23 millions or so people and its 36,919 km2 of total area with its unique color and style. This is the first time I see a place like this, the first time with this kind of weather and finally got to experience the jet lag, that such an awful situation. I also had a huge allergic reaction which made me so sick that I had to take some medicine. But everything was ok, everything went great. I didn’t even feel sad, nor did I feel out of site; actually being here, somehow, feels like home. It is like going back to the place I have been looking for a long time (like going back to the matrix if you know what I mean).

Being here also I discovered a new kind of food with a different taste; nothing similar of what I am used to, and actually I like it! I also got to see the new gamma of color of Taiwan’s people, a new behavior, a new beginning… and it hits me, like a thunder and out of the blue… didn’t see it coming (I have to be sincere), the beauty of the Taiwanese girls, each and every single one of them are like angels, I will say no more, as I do not want to get into trouble.

So now I am living in Kaohsiung, doing a Master’s degree in Clinical Medicine and hoping that everything is going to be okay.

As you can see, my first impression of Taiwan is good and I think it will get better.

Peace out and have a good day!!!

P.S. thank you Kebba, Alisha and Stan.