Enews259 Hans-Uwe Dahms, Ph.D., D.Sc., Professor

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Hans-Uwe Dahms, Ph.D., D.Sc., Professor

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About myself: My research was initially focussing on the study of aquatic invertebrates. This included studies of the internal and external anatomy using various types of microscopes (LM, Fluorescence Microscopy, SEM, Kryo-SEM, TEM, CSLM), studies on (molecular) systematics, biogeography, and behavior. These studies involved the design of experiments, their analysis, statistical evaluation, and interpretation. I collaborated in international studies. I organized several research

projects, funded by the German Research Council (DFG), DAAD (Germany), NSERC (Canada), NSC (SKorea), and IRSES (Europe). I published more than 156 peer-reviewed SCI articles (SCOPUS) and taught more than 40 university curricula. More recently, my interest and research shifted towards the understanding of response mechanisms to man-made disturbances of aquatic organisms (microorganisms, plants and animals) by physical, chemical and biological stressors. Smart technologies to bioindicate and bioremediate pollution and toxic effects became another of my interests. Since the research is also focusing on the purity of atmosphere, water and food, it is affecting human health directly. I am using holistic approaches that compare endpoints at different levels of integration (chemical, cellular to communities). I believe that environmental health and public health are fundamental areas to which medical innovations and developments could add for a better life of all.