Enews286 國際事務處Q&A

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高雄醫學大學e快報 第286期 


  • Q1. Where can I find financial aid and scholarships for international students?

A1: You can find further information on Global Office Affairs website

  • Q2. Is there anything I should be aware of to live in Taiwan?

A2: Taiwanese people are famous for being friendly and hospitably. As for food, we eat mostly with chopsticks. Some people found it’s difficult. Apart from this, welcome to Taiwan.

  • Q3. How can I get help when there is emergency?

A3: There are staffs on duty 24 hours a day in the Campus Security Office, which is set up for mergency for students on campus or off campus have emergent cases. You may contact 07-3220809 or Emergency Line 0960-803-700 which is available 24 hours a day. When you are in Taiwan, please make sure you enter the 24 hours contact line in your mobile phone, or put the emergent card in your purse or wallet.